Letter Parson

 The letter of a patient treated with laser thermal ablation to
the President of the Australian Thyroid Foundation*

Hi Beverley,
Just to keep you updated on my most recent laser ablation treatment in Perugia Hospital.
I have now had two treatment which is probably sufficient for the foreseeable future. The large lump on my neck is now almost undetectable and my thyroid function is now normal. I am no longer on medication. Please see attached the following documents FYI: (1) Information given out to patients undergoing the treatment, (2) My hospital discharge papers, and (3) my blood tests taken immediately prior to the most recent treatment.
The procedure took about 20 minutes and I spent a couple of hours under observation in the hospital ward. Apart from the slight discomfort of the needles inserted through my neck to guide and enclose the laser, the only other significant aspect of the procedure is the distinct smell which can be a little distracting. The only after effect that I experienced was a sore throat and a slight feeling that I had a temperature. These side effects lasted for a week or two.
Perugia Hospital is a massive modern teaching hospital which dwarfs Westmead Hospital in size. Professor Pierpaolo De Feo and his team are highly professional and I would recommend their services to anyone with the same condition that I have. I should also say that Perugia is a beautiful place to visit. It has all the charm and character of Rome and Florence but is less known and a lot less crowded by tourist.
Kind regards
Dave Parsons
*Authorized for publication by Dave Parsons